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Cybertek was founded by individuals who were given an opportunity to achieve the American Dream through IT careers. This is our inspiration to support students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate honesty, dedication, commitment, and discipline to achieve the same opportunity.

Cybertek School

We are a rapidly growing, transformational tech school established in 2015 as a startup in Washington D.C. Our goal is to provide a second chance at an IT career and to open new doors for people with no IT or coding background.”

Cybertek’s accelerated training program is designed for motivated individuals who have little or no IT experience. Interested?

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Today, Cybertek is inspiring and guiding individuals towards successful careers in coding who were previously struggling to make ends meet. The students at Cybertek come from diverse backgrounds and different experiences, but what they all share is honesty, dedication, commitment, discipline, and hard work.”

How do Cybertek’s Programs help you?

Compared to other sectors, IT innovates at a rate that often outpaces the training of software development teams, which increasingly feature specialized roles such as SDET.
Cybertek programs are continually updated to establish a strong technical foundation for specialized roles, while meeting market demands for candidates who have experience with emerging technical tools. Outside of instructional hours, students hone skills by working on projects that simulate scenarios our Instructors are tracking in the software development sector. As a result, Cybertek curriculum produces high-impact technical candidates that have well developed professional and leadership skills, with an advanced understanding of current frameworks, methods and tools – and how to learn new ones as the IT sector advances.”


Our mission is to create a transformational, 7-month immersive IT experience that trains students to become IT professionals and position them towards highly skilled and high paying IT jobs.


Our vision is to create a student experience that is transformational: to design courses that create highly technically qualified IT professionals that meet the rapidly-evolving demands of the global IT market.

What we require is Commitment, Dedication, and Hard Work.
Cybertek does not require any IT knowledge or experience.
Trained to serve their future teams as strong technical assets in the testing automation role.

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